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Sea Freight Arrangement

Full-service Import Customs Clearance
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Consolidated Cargo

Shared Warehouse Solutions
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Vehicle Imports/Exports

Strong & Reliable Vehicle Supply Chain
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Cargo Clearing & Forwarding

Experienced Sourcing & Procurement
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Mineral Mining

Viable Mineral Mining & Prospecting

Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Mineral Mining

Containerized Cargo

We Liaise with the shipping Lines for pre-arrival Cargo Documents , CDL, CLL on behalf of our clients.

Mineral Mining

We Offer economically viable concentrations of heavy minerals mining.

Special Project Cargo

Unmatched capacity to service all industries residential,commercial, mining, oil, gas, engineering, construction .

Freight Forwarding

We Provide Cost Effective Freight Forwarding Solutions for sea and air shipments .

Sea Freight

Extensive connections with major shipping lines, best cost against value of service options.


We Offer Cost Effective Cargo Consolidation Solutions.

Seashore Trading Ltd

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